ONE SERVICE, 26 June 9.30am


We can seat 180 in the main church and our overflow area will be outside in the fenced area adjacent to the driveway (like we did Easter 2021). The weather is forecast to be sunny, nudging an almost balmy 14 degrees by 9.30am. If you're planning on being in the overflow area the audio will be via outdoor speakers but you should bring your smart phone or ipad so you can see what's happening inside the church as it is streamed on 'Youtube All Saints Nowra'. Plastic chairs will be set up in the overflow area but don't forget your winter woollies! (knee blanket?). If an alfresco winter solstice service isn't appealing hen remember to arrive a bit earlier to get a seat. Our ushers will help.


Rocklets will be in the back of the hall as usual (thank you Peter De Rooy for fixing the floor!) and Rock will be heading over to the HopeCentre.


I hope you'll bring something to share and stay after the service. These moments are always special and a rich time of connecting. The baristas will be on duty!


For some, meeting at a different time will be as welcome as meeting down in the catcombs of Rome was for the first century church (well, maybe not that extreme). The reason we do this adventurous service is to be together across all our congregations, to be reminded that we belong together as 'all sorts' in Christ—a people of unity, a people of love. It will be great to have ShACC with us too. They have some exciting news to share.

Normal Sunday Services

8am traditional  |  10.30am & 5pm contemporary &  families

Streamed services 8am & contemporary service


Shoalhaven Aboriginal Community Church

12pm, The HopeCentre on main site


2nd Sun, 2.15pm

Greenwell Point

4th Sun, 8am

Everybody is welcome...

Everybody has a story to share, questions to ask or struggles they wrestle with. Jesus has answers to all of life. As God's people we share and listen, and walk alongside. 

We are about growing in Faith, Hope and Love.  

We'd love to see you Sunday.

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