Baptism & Thanksgiving Services

A new child is a joyful event where great responsibilities begin, spiritually as well as the other dimensions of your child's wellbeing. We want to encourage you in your commitment to your child's spiritual development with either a 'Baptism' (for parents who are part of the All Saints family and profess faith in Jesus) or, a 'Thanksgiving Service' (for parents still exploring faith but not ready to make the big promises involved in baptism).  


A thanksgiving service is just as it sounds—giving thanks to God for the arrival of your child and praying for his hand on their life. In the Service of Thanksgiving, we ask you formally to name your child. We pray for you as parents, and godparents can act as witnesses and promise to support you. If you don't attend our church regularly and are not at the stage of committing to Jesus as your Lord and saviour, we recommend this very meaningful service.

We encourage you to attend one of our Sunday services and ask to meet with a minister. 

Both the 10.30am and 5pm services offer a children's program


Baptism by water is offered to to parents who belong to our church and profess faith in Jesus as Lord and saviour. 

Regular church attendance is a normal expression of the Christian life.

Infant baptism firstly acknowledges the faith of the parents, and celebrates God's faithfulness to his promises; Secondly, parents promise to bring the child into the life of the local church. 

At All Saints we take these promises seriously, but understand that not all families are at this point

on their journey with Jesus. If you feel this is you we still welcome you and encourage you to choose the THANKSGIVING service.  Bringing a child for baptism without intending to belong to church is like

asking your local Surf Club for a red and yellow cap, but never learning to swim or serve on patrol. 

We'd love to discuss the right ceremony for you!