Baptism & Thanksgiving Services

A new child is an important event where joyful responsibility begins. You want the best for your child. Perhaps

this is why you’re inquiring about a service to commemorate the moment. Because you and your family matter to God, 

we want to help you as much as we can. This is why we offer A Service of Thanksgiving. We want to encourage

you in your commitment to your child. Please read on about this service. 


In the Service of Thanksgiving, we ask you formally to name your child.

We give thanks to God and pray for his blessing on your child. And we pray for you as parents. 

Godparents act as witnesses and promise to support you.

As we commit you and your child to God’s love and care He will hear our prayers. 

This is an important family time of thanksgiving, and we treat it as such. There is no water

in a Thanksgiving service. And, of course, children will need to make their own personal response of

faith towards God as they grow into maturity.  

We encourage you to attend one of our Sunday services and ask to meet with a minister. 

Both the 8am and the 5pm services offer a children's program


Water baptism is offered to those who profess faith in Christ and attend our church. Regular church

attendance is one of the normal expressions of the true Christian life.

In infant baptism the parents and Godparents are asked to profess their own faith publicly and make a promise

to raise the child to believe in Jesus, and follow him. Infant baptism acknowledges the faith of the parents, 

and therefore celebrates God's faithfulness to his promises; It is also a commitment to bring the child into the life

of the local church i.e., All Saints Anglican. Bringing a child for baptism without intending to belong to church is like

asking your local Surf Club for a red and yellow cap, but never learning to swim or serve on patrol. 

We'd love to discuss  the right ceremony for you!