Our Story

Everyone is somewhere on the journey of faith. As we believe and grow in faith in Jesus, God transforms our lives in faith, hope and love. 

Faith: walking by God's word and stepping outside your comfort zone for Him.

Hope: courage in the present based a future with Jesus, and sharing that hope with others

Love: Living an other-person-centred life, and humbly serving like Jesus.

The journey of faith

Connecting > Believing > Growing

Connecting with God's  people...Believing in Jesus as Lord & Saviour...Growing in faith, hope & love     

What we believe

We are 'evangelical''—we believe the Bible and that the good news about Jesus is central. 

We are 'reformed'—Christ Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Glory Alone. 

Our doctrines are expressed in the Apostles Creed

We are 'Anglican'—justification by faith for salvation shapes the Prayerbook which provides liturgy for our traditional service and articulates our doctrinal beliefs, including our views on the sacraments. Our contemporary service do not use the prayerbook but are shaped by the same values.

Our Worship

8am is usually 70 mins, hymns, prayerbook liturgy, sermon —An order of Morning Prayer on 1st Sunday, and Communion on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays, robes worn twice a month.

10:30 & am is a family service—one hour, vibrant music, family spot, Bible readings, prayer time & sermon (20-23 mins), kids program during sermon 'Rocklets' for pre-school & 'Rock' for primary ages

5pm is styled more toward youth and young adults—one hour, contemporary music, Bible readings, prayer time & sermon (20-23 mins), kids program during sermon

We have a creche program for parents with toddlers in the morning (creche room available in the evenings). All our children's ministry team have 'Working With Children' & 'Safe Ministry Training'.

Our Heart

We seek to express the love of God through our compassion ministries based out of The HopeCentre on site.

All Saints Community Care & Anglicare: Emergency relief, counselling, budget help & No-interest loans. 

Open House: 5.30pm Wed is friendship & food.  

Mobile Community Pantry: 1.30-2.30 Wed fortnightly, low cost shopping.

COACH Mentoring: Helping others to set life goals (off site).

Courthouse Courtesy: Mon & Thurs in our district courtrooms offers hope and a coffee.