Our Story

At All Saints we believe everyone is somewhere on the journey of faith.

As we journey with Jesus we see God transforming lives through faith, hope and love. 

FAITH... trusting in his word to us and growing in faithfulness

HOPE... Holding the Overarching Picture of Eternity; 

and LOVE... for him and each other. 

Our Pathway

Connecting   >   Believing   >   Growing

              with God's people         in Jesus         in faith, hope & love    

Our Beliefs

We are evangelical (which means the Bible and good news about Jesus is central). 

Our beliefs are expressed in the Apostles Creed (which is why we often say it together). 

We are Anglican which means the prayer book shapes our worship (yet the prayer book is not at every service)

Our Worship

Our services vary in length — 8am is usually 70 mins; 10am & 5pm apprx 60 mins. 

Our teaching time (a sermon) is for 20-25 mins, with God's word at the centre of what we say.

5pm we head into church, then after a song and a kids spot children head out for ROCK and a meal. 

Your kids are welcome to join in. Ask for our children's leader Emily Thuaux. 

All our children's ministry team have a Working With Children number, Safe Ministry accreditation.

Our Heart

We express the compassion of God through various generous ministries.

Wed & Fri we offer emergency food relief through All Saints Community Care in Osbourne Street. 

At Open House, 6pm Wed you can find a meal with others. 

We offer COACH Mentoring to help those struggling to get back on their feet and set life goals

Courthouse Courtesy on Mon & Thurs offers hope and a coffee.