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  • "Barney and Klutz" 

    Disbanding of “Barney and Klutz” clown ministry. 

    We’ve decided to cease clowning this June.  We give thanks to our gracious God for the blessings we have received over the last 15 years as we have ministered to SRE and Nursing homes near and far. Thank you to the teams who invited us to share in their events. 

    There is a generous amount of props we want to give away. Perhaps you know of a drama group or church ministry that could use these items.  There are lots of scripts which we can give away along with costumes and make-up. We can drive up to 200 kms to deliver these goodies  which will help to clean out our storage. 

    Cheers and Blessings, 

    John Watts (Barney) and Marion Atkins (Klutz)

    Contact John Watts on (02) 44236974    mob 0459236974