Get together in a Zoom Room

Seems like everyone is getting on Zoom right now. Zoom is a platform for your computer or device that allows you to hold a video conference using your computer's camera. And unless you want the business model, it's a free app with a generous plan. 

Zoom Rooms allow you to easily share multiple desktops simultaneously in the room and provides a variety of simple, wireless sharing options for guests and people on your network. Zoom has everything you need for a sophisticated meeting (All Saints is currently holding team meetings and parish council meetings this way). However, it's also brilliant for getting friends together in a virtual room. This might just be the answer to stop the kids (and you) from going stir crazy cooped up at home. Guests are invited by email and so no crashers! 

Zoom Free: With the free version of Zoom, users can hold an unlimited number of meetings, but group meetings with multiple participants are capped at 40 minutes in length, and meeting can't be recorded. 

There are alternative products on the market, and you should investigate how to set up in the safest way for the family, but Zoom is worth checking out in these challenging times.

Zoom Room